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'Passengers' seems like one of those movies that are designed to the millimeter to become pelotazos. In addition to possibly featuring the most sought-after actress and actor of the moment, she introduces us to what looks like an intense romance in a very striking setting such as a luxurious spaceship. 'Passengers' wants to aspire to be the 'Titanic' of space. But does it get to port or shipwreck along the way?

The film, directed by Morten Tyldum ('The Imitation Game'), introduces Jim and Aurora, two passengers of the Avalon, a space cruiser that takes a few thousand people to a new planet to colonize after A journey of 120 years. But Jim and Aurora have awakened from their hibernation too soon, 90 years before concretely. If they do not find a way to solve it, they will not live in their new home. And that is just one of their problems, Watch Passengers Full Movie Online because watch Passengers online the whole ship is in danger and, if they can not fix it, they will not only die, but the whole crew.

'Passengers' starts off very solidly. It introduces us to these two characters, who thanks to the charisma of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence connect quickly with the viewer. Jim is an engineer who, now that Earth is all automated and disposable, wants to feel what it's like to build his own home, to help a civilization settle into a new place. Aurora is a journalist who lives under the shadow of her father, a famous reporter who lived a myriad of adventures and was very successful. She wants to follow in her footsteps and embarks on a round trip in the Avalon, sacrificing all her previous life, since when she returns to Earth, they will all be Watch Passengers Full Movie dead a long time. We have, like 'Titanic', the case of a man of few resources and a woman who is accustomed to living very well. Thanks to them we discover that the Avalon does not break with social class barriers, pampering those who can afford it, and quite restricting the freedom of the "poor", even if it is only in not being able to choose beyond a basic breakfast .

The main stage, the ship, is rather reminiscent of the 'Wall-E' Axiom. It is a complex full of amenities and luxuries, from restaurants in different parts of the world (each with Japanese or Mexican "customized" robots), sports tracks, movies, swimming pool overlooking the infinite universe or a gigantic machine of dance. Because Jim and Aurora are not fat like the Pixar lords, they are athletic, handsome, ideal. Like the whole movie. The design of the ship, the wardrobe of them, everything is designed to be dazzling. And in that respect it does not notice much if there are things done to computer, even the androide waiter interpreted by Michael Sheen gives much it hits, and is a great complementary personage thanks to the work of the actor. It is a necessary comic relief in a film that rests almost all the time on two characters.

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence also do a good job as the center of the plot. It is very convincing their initial anxiety to realize that they may be doomed to spend what they have left of life locked in the ship having only one to the other, how they end up passing to resignation and try to take advantage of the possibilities that gives the Avalon, How attraction is emerging and how desperation returns when everything twists. Particularly interesting is the character of Pratt, who we get to know a little more in depth than Lawrence, and has layers that will give for conversation (beyond his butt, that too). Of course, they are the prototype of perfect protagonists: they are ideal, beautiful, and always find the solution to everything, even at the last moment. They are lucky that the charisma of both has been translated into a great chemistry, because without it this film would be completely adrift. Its history is of the most interesting that offers 'Passengers'
, A relationship that passes from light to darkness and shows us many faces of passion (even if it stays within the PG-13 limits, however much they have clucked on the sex scene).

The script, however, will not get us hooked as much as Pratt and Lawrence. At the beginning of the film, Tyldum focuses more on the part of the romance than on what the action is, and is going at a good pace. Then we see how little by little Avalon is reaching a critical point. When we get to the point where Jim and Aurora are fully aware that something is going wrong, the last bow of the tape, Jon Spaihts begins to become more careless, he begins to tell everything in a more chaotic way and takes too many Shortcuts, such as the one depicting the character of Laurence Fishburne. In a few moments a real tension is generated, but it is not their fault but of the vagaries that is the script. If we connect with the moments 'Gravity' of 'Passengers' is thanks to that we will have taken care of the characters, but all the